RAISE THE BAR – With 2PET Elevated Pet Bed Dog Cot, you’ll be able to raise the bar of comfort for your pet, quite literally – Elevate your pet off the ground by good 7 inches, allowing it the luxury of a comfy & soft surface to rest or sleep on – Easy to assemble, dissemble & carry
ELEVATE YOUR PET TO A NEW LEVEL: Made for elevate your pet off the hard ground, providing air flow to keep them comfortable, also helps in the joints making it a semi-orthopedic bed. Helps too in maintaining a healthy pet sleep schedule.
CLEAN AT ALL LEVELS: Perfect to keep bugs, mildew and mold away. Fabric Surface: 24″ L * 18″ W. This pet bed is very easy to clean or wash, just brush or vacuum the fabric or use a garden hose and a brush to clean it. Then allow it to air dry.

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