Orvis Small Dog Bed Review – Chewy’s Top 5 Best Dog Bed

Orvis Small Dog Bed Review – Chewy’s Top 5 Best Dog Bed

Grady’s best friend from Ohio, Chewy, loves his Orvis brand small dog bed in the car and while traveling. Chewy recently came to visit Grady for spring break and showed his approval of his top 5 favorite dog bed – Orvis small dog bed.  Chewy is not a big fan of pictures, so we captured him leaving his Orvis small dog bed after a nap during his visit.

ORVIS small dog bed review by Chewy for best of 2015

Chewy loves that his Orvis small dog bed has an easy to remove liner that can be thrown into the wash after a long trip from Cleveland to Atlanta.  He also loves that the stuffing inside can be easily replace with a fresh and fluffy new version whenever he needs it in the future.

On Chewy’s trip home, he sent Grady a selfie as he was really tired after a long spring break in Atlanta.  His Orvis small dog bed fits perfectly in the back seat of the car – making for a great small dog bed to take naps.

Orvis small dog bed review in the car traveling - the best!

Chewy’s Dog Bed Review Summary:  Chewy recommends the ORVIS small dog bed for 3 reasons:

1. Liner that is easily washed.

2. Replaceable “comfort disks” inside the liner for years of comfort.

3. The small dog size bed is great for traveling .

Grady loves it when Chewy visits and now thinks he likes the smaller size Orvis dog bed!